Supermassive is SR527

Supermassive is SR527


Bulky, high necked bomber, with floating shoulders, half concealed ribbed neck and large interlocked sleeves from American skunk fur from Germany and lining of Swiss high-tech cooling material.
Draped entirely on the body of a man named Michael in Reykjavík.
I'm bigger, bolder 
rougher and tougher,
break through the wall 
when there is no other
Cut with a Lightning Machine Company Swift 928.
Sewn on a Bonis b27, Pfaff 1445, Juki DDL 5550-6, Merrow 15-CA and by Hand-held Needle.  
How many skunks does it take to kill a man? 35.
The army of skunks in your bomber were tanned in the ruins of the Austro-Hungarian empire before being shipped to their ends, for the beginning of yours.
The jersey lining is a high-tech paraffin cooling knit used in military and medical applications. The material content is 5%PU 25%AC 33%PARA 37%PA and is made to rapidly cool the skin on contact and is produced in a Swiss laboratory and mill.

The model is 183cm / 6' tall and is wearing a Size 2

Size 1 is 44"
Size 2 is 46"
Size 3 is 48"
Size 4 is 50"

This item is made to order with a 6-8 weeks delivery time.