Stalking is SR415
Stalking is SR415

Stalking is SR415


Slim fitted standing collar, zip-up jacket from reindeer skin with interlocking pleated sleeve construction that creates the yoke. Lined with Italian cupro, the technical zip is made in Japan and the drop-cast buttons are made in our studio. Draped entirely on a man named Stefán in Reykjavík.
yes soldier black soldier 
from a past that is grittier 
and a way that is deadlier 
for a life that is heavier/ headier
Cut with a Jcut 1200 Lazer Engraver and Lightning Machine Company Swift Cut 
Sewn on a Pfaff 1445, Juki DDL 5550-6, and by Hand-held Needle. 
And it was another time a reindeer, shot by a hunter in the northern highlands of Iceland. There are holes in this skin, and it was made by a bullet - the bullet that ended the life of this animal for meat, game, pleasure and leather. The Icelandic Reindeer, is chromium dyed in the west of Iceland. The twill weave lining is an Italian cupro cotton [45% CU 55% CO], and the hand attached shank buttons are drop cast in our studio from oxidised metal alloy.