Homo Satchel is SR206
Homo Satchel is SR206

Homo Satchel is SR206

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Homo Satchel
Computer Satchel

Sculpted Icelandic horse-skin laptop satchel, sombrely folded from two pieces, with a long straps, 
button adjustable strap and two cavities.

To hold what is most precious
Zeros and ones, and ones and ones and zeros.

And it was another time a horse, lost in the awkward grassed hills that cover Iceland, that gave its skin for yours.  These horses, genetically unique to Iceland, are ridden till the end of their days, then taken for all parts of it‚Äôs body.  As with a fingerprint, the hide of each horse has a unique pattern and texture, ranging from a smooth to a wrinkled, stiff or soft hide.  The skins are left unsplit.  No two horses and no to bags are the same. The hand attached shank buttons on this bag are made in our studio from two circles of Iceland horse skin.

Sweet love in the morning, 
when the acid-rain is pouring.


Cut with a Jcut 1200 Lazer Engraver.
Sewn on a Pfaff 1445, Brother FD4, and by Hand-held Needle.   
The Icelandic horse, is chromium dyed in the west of Iceland. After tanning, dying and drying, we received this leather by truck and subsequently cut it with a Lazer.