Bró is SR315
Bró is SR315
Bró is SR315

Bró is SR315


Fitted reindeer skin medical chest brace for hyper mobile dislocated ribs. 
 Elasticated and button fastened.


Cut with a Jcut 1200 Lazer Engraver. Sewn on a Juki DDL 5550-6 Modded for binding,
and by Hand-held Needle.  
And it was another time a reindeer, shot by a hunter in the northern highlands of Iceland. There are holes in this skin, and it was made by a bullet - the bullet that ended the life of this animal for meat, game, pleasure and leather. The Icelandic Reindeer, is chromium dyed in the west of Iceland. The oxidised rivets and the elastic are of origins unknown, whereas the hand attached shank buttons are drop cast in our studio from oxidised metal alloy.
The model is 183 cm / 6' tall and is wearing a Size 2
Size 1 is Extra Small
Size 2 is Small
Size 3 is Medium