Cap Sandle is SR330
Cap Sandle is SR330
Cap Sandle is SR330

Cap Sandle is SR330

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Cap Sandle
One-Piece Cap Sandle

Single piece, horse skin cap sandal, with water-pressed laser-cut cow skin soles, ash whitened, 
and hand stitched in a grueling 12-hour process. 


Cut with a Jcut 1200 Lazer Engraver. 
Sewn on a Pfaff 1445, and by Hand-held Needle.  

And it was another time a horse, lost in the awkward grassed hills that cover Iceland, that gave its skin for yours.  These horses, genetically unique to Iceland, are ridden till the end of their days, then taken for all parts of it’s body.  As with a fingerprint, the hide of each horse has a unique pattern and texture, ranging from a smooth to a wrinkled, stiff or soft hide.  The skins are left unsplit.  No two horses and no to sandles are the same.